Welcome to plaid baby smocked dresses of Babeeni! (part 1)

Nowadays, smocked dresses are famous products that babies often choose to dress at home or in special occasions such as Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving…

Smocked clothing for babies line includes smocked baby dresses, boys smocked clothing, smocked pajamas, smocked bubble… In that, smocked dresses for girls have many designs with cute styles for angels from 3 months to 10 years old.

DR 1730

Plaid smocked clothes line launched this month with so many beautiful styles. Firstly, Babeeni chooses plaid fabric for this line because it is high quality one with 100% cotton and nice colors such as Pink, white and yellow; Pink, orange and white… Your girls will be prominent in crowed with cute plaid smocked clothing wherever.

Babeeni focus on bishop smocked dresses with many nice smocked patterns. Mothers can choose a beautiful dress with small pumpkin, pine trees, anchors hand smocked pattern around the neck.

DR 1689

With 7 experience years workers, images on smocked panels are portrayed lively. They become more exquisite in customer’s eyes.

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How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 5)

After reading previous part of my blog, I sure that you will discover some information to clean and care for kid smock clothes including paying attention to instruction on baby clothes, choosing right detergent for kids clothes, treating stains on them, washing before dressing clothes for babies, using mesh bags to wash, fastening buttons on babies smock clothes, so on. Come to part 5 and know more tips to care kid clothing better!

7. Prevent stains on kids smock clothes

BI 02

Besides, treating stains on hand smocked clothing immediately when seeing them, another way to keep stains from forming on baby laundry is to try to prevent stains. Mothers can use smocked bibs with a plastic backing can protect kid smocked clothing from milk, food, and spit-up. Waterproof lining pads can protect linens from accidents and mishaps as well. A little prevention may help to keep those beautiful baby clothes in like new condition.

BI 16

And with 7 tips I shared above, hope that mothers can apply and bring best result in cleaning and caring for baby smock clothing.

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How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 4)

Continue reading part 4 of my blog and know more about the way to clean and care for kid smock clothes better!

5. Use mesh bags to wash baby smock clothes


Cute baby clothes are so small. Even baby smocked socks are even smaller. That is the reason why you should use mesh laundry bags to hold these smaller baby hand smocked clothing that tend to get lost or hidden during a laundry cycle. It will make it a cinch to match up socks later after they are dried.

6. Treat stains on babies smock clothing


Babies often make stubborn stains on hand smocked clothes. From spit-up milk, to baby food, to other bodily functions, stains are sure to happen on your nice new baby clothes. So you should try to treat baby stains quickly to prevent permanent damage to the kids smock clothing. Stains from milk, formula, spit-up, food, and diaper leakage on clothes should be soaked in cool water. You can use a detergent that contains enzymes to break down the proteins of stains. You can also use an all-purpose stain remover on smocked infant clothing.

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How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 3)

Come to part 3 and know more about the way to clean and care for kid smock clothes better!

3. Pay attention to instructions on baby smock clothes


Baby clothes may have special instructions that need to be followed. Especially, smocked sleepwear for babies such as smocked pajamas is treated to be flame-retardant. And bleach will remove the flame-retardant properties from the baby clothing. So you should not use on flame-retardant hand smocked clothing. With some specialty baby clothes mothers may need to be washed in cold water only, or even laid flat or hung to dry. Be sure to wash baby clothes in the correct water temperature. When you pay special attention to the instructions, you can keep baby smocked clothing in perfect shape.

4. Fasten buttons on babies smock clothing

BC 007

Before washing baby clothes, zippers, buttons, hook and loop fasteners, and snaps should all be fastened prior. It will keep these parts of the smocked clothes from snagging, tearing, or attaching themselves to the fabric. You need to take a few moments as you load the kids clothes to fasten all the fasteners so you don’t end up with a tangled mess in the end.

In next part, you will discover more information about how to clean and care child smock clothes better.

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How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 2)

Please read this part and know about how to clean and care for kid smock clothes more!

These commercial laundry detergents are usually scent and dye free, making them less likely to cause a reaction to sensitive skin as baby’s one.


If your baby does not have sensitive skin issues, mothers can use regular laundry detergent as well on baby smocked clothing. In fact, liquid detergent may be a safer product because it is rinsed away more fully in a washing machine’s cycle. Besides, powdered detergent may leave a little more residue which could cause a reaction. But mothers should be sure to use the recommended amount of laundry detergent for hand baby smock clothes. However, this can leave behind a residue that may irritate baby skin.


If mothers are unsure if your regular detergent is a good choice, you can wash 1-2 kids smock clothes with the detergent and watch for signs of a skin reaction.

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How to clean and care for kid smock clothes? (part 1)

Beside caring for the small babies in our lives, their kid smock clothes may require a little more thought and care. So you can learn how to begin caring for baby clothes in this post.

1. Wash before wearing baby smock clothes


Have a closet full of beautiful new baby clothes just waiting to be worn by your bundle of joy? Well, before wearing hand smocked clothing for a baby, they need to be washed. Brand new smocked clothing may not seem dirty, but they are likely to have substances on them to keep them looking perfect on the rack. They’ve also been handled in the store. So you should wash the smocked clothes through a cycle before they are worn for babies.

2. Choose the right detergent to wash children smock clothes


On the market, there are many commercial laundry detergents that are marketed to be used with baby hand smocked clothes.

Continue reading next part and know more

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How to care for baby hand smocked clothing? (part 3)

To add more information that help you care for baby hand smocked clothing better, please read part 3 and apply now!

In fact, formula, diaper accidents, and brightly colored baby food can be difficult stains to remove from baby clothes such as girls peasant dresses, girls smocked swimwear or boy smocked jonjon, so on. But you still should take the time to work on the stains before washing. It will improve your success rate.


If stained hand smocked clothes will sit for a while, try using a paste-type pretreatment that can sit on the fabric for up to a week. Otherwise, a spray-on stain treatment or laundry additive should handle most stains.

Removing stubborn baby clothing stains


For stains that don’t respond to basic treatment, you’ll need to take a more aggressive approach. You can find many effective ways in Babeeni’s posts. Hope that you will win in the battle with stubborn stains on hand smocked suits.

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How to care for baby hand smocked clothing? (part 2)

Keeping up with baby hand smocked clothing laundry

BC 437 (199)DR 1667(1003)

In fact, babies can go through so many hand smocked clothes a day, it almost makes a parent’s head spin. There are two schools of thought on keeping up with the endless clothing changes and baby laundry piles. The first one is to buy enough baby hand embroidered clothes that you can change baby’s outfit several times per day. And you still have enough baby clothing options for the next few days. The second one is to buy fewer kids clothes and wash all of baby’s outfits several times each week. Mothers should choose the option that best fits your budget and your schedule to ensure enough clothes for your babies.

Basic stain removal for baby hand smocked suits


You should know that pre-treating stains is the best way to keep your baby clothes looking like new.

Continue reading the next part of my blog and add more information for your baby outfits!

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How to care for baby hand smocked clothing? (part 1)

Come to my blog and know the way to take care of baby hand smocked clothing better!

Wash baby hand smocked clothes before wearing:


With many new parents, it is unnecessary to wash baby clothes before baby wears them. While there is a fact that your baby would be seriously harmed by new, unwashed smocked kids clothing, a minor skin irritation or allergy could make them uncomfortable. Your babies are sometimes sensitive to the sizing, a finish put on new baby clothing to keep them looking nice in the store. Besides, shipping new clothes can be a messy process, so they also could be dirt, bugs or rodents.

Baby hand embroidered clothes don’t require a special detergent


There are a few extra-gentle laundry detergents on the market that are targeted toward kids clothes. But it doesn’t mean you have to use one of these special soaps for cute smocked clothing for babies. Some families alleviate the risk of skin allergies by laundering baby clothes in a dye-free, scent-free detergent. If your baby isn’t bothered by clothes washed in your family’s regular detergent, there’s no need to buy a special laundry soap just for the baby smocked clothes.

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Sneak peak to newest Spring Summer Collection 2014

Spring is the time when leaves and flowers start budding, butterflies begin hatching, and new love appears. It’s the season of rebirth, when the world shakes off the icy grips of winter and starts the warm-up to summer. It’s when sweet winds blow again and the day’s length starts marching back up toward solstice.

The magic of spring transforms a lot of places from cold and lifeless landscapes to vibrant environs bursting with life, but some places receive an extra shot of springtime awesomeness.

Inspired by that weather, Babeeni designers have updated a lot of new baby spring summer clothes. You will have many choices to choose your baby the nicest clothing.

You can choose the one which is suitable for your children hobby. There are various patterns for option you can see below.

Owls, ladybugs, elephants, frogs hand smocked pattern for children love animals.

DR 1607DR 1609


Strawberry, apple, palm tree, daisy flower hand embroidery for babies who like nature.

DR 1547DR 1551

If you don’t like our available designs, you can send us your ideas and we will help you make your ideas into real products. So wonderful? Moreover, there are a lot of fabrics so you can easily choose the one which you like best. We have approximately one hundred fabric types shown on website, click here to see.

In short time I only show you a few designs of Spring and Summer collection. If you really like our products, please visit our website for more details. And here are some our contact information if you want more support. You can email us at address info@babeeni.com or call +84-4-3668 6011 (8 lines). We will support you as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention. See you next blog.