How many kinds of Thanksgiving smocked dresses? (Part 1)

Thanksgiving is one of the most expected holidays in a year. Almost parents want to dress up for their daughters with traditional dresses. So choosing smocked dresses with Thanksgiving patterns is always a wise choice. Now, let me suggest some dresses for easy purchasing! Thanksgiving is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November in […]

4 notes to choose Halloween clothes for children (Part 2)

In the previous part, I shared with you 2 first tips to choose safe Halloween clothes for children. Do you want to know the rests? Let’s read and hope my article will be useful to you! Always consider of safe and simple designs Beside beauty and comfort, parents also should pay attention to whether Halloween […]

4 notes to choose Halloween clothes for children (Part 1)

Halloween is one of the funniest holidays in a year with many exquisite Halloween clothes for children. But parents still should keep some notes to choose a safe and comfortable kid clothing. Let’s read! Halloween costume should be easily visible In Halloween night, it is dark and sometimes lightened up by some sparkles from candles. […]

Advantages of cotton children pajamas (Part 2)

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Pajamas are favorite children clothes at home. And advantages of children pajamas can’t be denied. Today, I will share more interesting information. Let’s read!   3. Keep children warm At night, temperature usually changes at a low level. So keeping baby warm plays an important role. This is obviously the biggest reason why people want […]

Introduce about Independence children clothing of Babeeni (part 2)

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Independence Day is coming and you are excited to prepare costumes for that day. In part 1, I suggest about some general information. Today, I will share some more experience about Independence children clothing. Let’s read! Fabric Fabric material is the most important factor that mother should consider carefully. Because, baby skin is very sensitive […]

Introduce about Independence children clothing of Babeeni (Part 1)

DR 1924

Independence Day is annually celebrated on July 4 and is often known as “the Fourth of July”. Get inspired, Babeeni launched new collection of “July fourth”. Today, I will share with you Independence children clothing. Let’s read and enjoy it! Independence Day Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is […]