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How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 3)

Baby girl sweater is not only warm but fashionable as well. But due to machine wash, your favorite sweater of baby looks like doll sweater or adult’s sweater. Are you wondering how to solve these problems? So this article will be useful for you. In the previous parts, I share with you some basic notes when washing and 3 ways to solve shrunken sweater. Today, as promised, some solution tips will be shared in this part. Let’s discover!

Bunny applique baby sweater


No one wants to wear a wrinkled sweater both at home or going outside. So do your little ones, don’t they? To summer clothes, you just have to iron directly but that way is not applied for sweater. Do not worry, there are a lot of ways to reduce wrinkle on a wool sweater. You could use shower, steamer or iron. With steamer and shower, you turn on hot setting and gently moderate wrinkle on the sweater. With flat iron, firstly, you should turn inside out the baby clothing and prepare a damp white cloth. The cloth will act as a protective barrier between the heat of iron and delicate fabric material. Place baby sweater on flat surface and gently iron with proper setting (Use steam or medium heat for wool and cashmere, and use the cool setting for acrylic).

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby


One day, you realize that baby sweater is wider than normal; it is time when the sweater might be stretched. After many time wearing, the garment is old or once you toss it in washing machine.

There are many approaches for you refer on the Internet, but in this article, I will share with you 2 typical approaches.

Firstly, you could soak the stretched part of sweater into hot water (about 80 Celsius degree). To other parts, soak them into cooler water (about 50 Celsius degree).

Secondly, you could use dryer at the hottest setting. But before using dryer to fix stretched sweater, you should soak it wet.

Both ways are helpful but do not bring complete effect. When fixing stretched sweater, you should pay attention to moderate shrinkage since under the heat, it is easy to be shrunk or wrinkle.

That is all I want to share in order for dealing with old sweater. Hope that you will be success and have your baby girl sweater looked like new!

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni hand smocked dress team.

How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 2)

After several times using, baby sweater might be worn out and deformed. Being shrunk, wrinkle and stretch out is typical situation. Besides careful laundering which I mentioned in the previous part, I will continue sharing ways to deal with the one of above problems: Shrink. What else do you hesitate? Let’s read!

white cardigan sweater for baby


Cardigan sweater is not shrunk at first. This shrinkage is only appeared when you wash once or after several times. But do not worry! I will share some tips that somehow help you reduce shrinkage on your baby sweater.

Firstly, all you need to prepare are vinegar and warm water (it is about 30 Celsius degree). When washing, you should put sweater into warm water and wash gently as I mentioned in last part. Then, pour vinegar into water in the final rinse before soaking sweater into that mixture. This approach will keep the original color and elasticity. You had better to apply this way when it is new. If your sweater is old, depending on material flexibility, it might be reduced shrinkage as you can see.

After drying the sweater, you could apply another method: using hand to stretch the sweater. Grabbing the collar and hem at different points, then pull gently. Do the same way from shoulders to sleeves and hold for some seconds.

In addition, if you do not like the smell of vinegar, hair conditioner is an alternative approach. All you need are 2 spoons of conditioner and a sink of warm water. Mix them until they all dissolve completely in the water. Then, soak the sweater under that mixture for about 10 minutes. All the later steps you should do as I mentioned in washing process in part 1. The combination of the warm water, hair conditioner and cool air will unlock the wool fibers and allow you to restore the sweater.

cute pink hand embroidery sweater cardigan

Those are 3 ways in order to reduce shrinkage on your baby sweater. Hope that this article will be useful for you and somehow restore the shape of baby clothing. Please wait for final part I make sure you will find more interesting things!

Thank you for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni hand smocked dress team.

How to deal with old sweater for baby (Part 1)

Despite you have just bought brand new sweater for baby or you have got old one, laundry process is performed regularly. So before dealing with old cardigan sweater, I will share with you some washing notes below!

flower embroidery navy sweater for baby


Although baby sweater is often worn in winter, children still could sweat normally. Thing to do after that is washing. Of course, you should wash by hand since washing by machine, the cardigan will definitely be stretch out. Firstly, let detergent and water be boiled until this mixture is solvent totally. You could stir for faster effect. And then pour ammonia and pine oil into the solution. Wait until the solution is cool (this point is important because hot or warm water will harm the sweater fiber) and soak the clothes into this solution within 15 minutes.

During washing, you should remember to wash gently and not use brush to remove stains. Finally rinse out with clean water as normal clothes.

cute bunny hand embroidery sweater for baby


In the end of each time you rinse out, please do not wring or twist sweater cardigan. This action will make it stretch out easily. So you cannot remove excess water as normal clothes. You could press it onto a flat surface to remove water. With wool material, in the last rinse, preparing a towel in order to absorb the water is perfect. Let the towel be on flat first and roll the sweater inside. Then wring the towel. Do it several time to make sure that baby sweater is out of excess water.


For other clothes, you could hang them on a rack or some hooks, but to wool material, you could not since the rest water will go down and make it stretch quickly. The only way you could do is letting it on flat surface in open-air place which is airy without direct sunshine.

These are some basic notes when washing sweater for baby girls. Please stay tune for next part I will share more useful things.

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Some mistakes when storing hand smocked clothing (Part 2)

In the previous part, I shared 2 first tips in order for keeping hand smocked clothing away from being smell terribly and mildew. Today, as I promised, I will share the rest tips. Let’s read now!

cute geometric smocked dress

  • Put them in plastic bag or cardboard box

A lot of people think that they keep girl smocked dresses or boy smocked shortalls in plastic bags or cardboard boxes is safe enough for storing until next year. It will only be right in short term. With such a long period of time like from this summer to next summer, you should rethink and prepare other faculties, such as a plastic container with a lid. Plastic container is so hard and thick that no one can beat it. Otherwise, plastic bag can trap moisture and cause mildew to form or cause the yellowing of fabrics. And using cardboard box cannot protect even knit baby smocked clothing against some vermin such as rats, mice or cockroaches… They are easy to chew through the box as it is also soft and easy to be torn.

hand smocked pajamas for boy

  • Use mothball

Mothball is often used for getting almost kinds of insects or rodents… But it not only makes smocked clothes smell terrible, but totally poses a poisonous danger for children or pets. You could find that a lot of newspaper talking about how dangerous when using mothballs. Instead, you can buy a much more awesome alternative which is the natural wooden cedar balls. It will both leaves a better smell and repels insects or vermin even more effectively if you use in conjunction with my above tips.

Or you also could have desiccants which are used as drying agents. Although this kind does not have advantage of repelling insects, it has not any smell.

Blue hand smocked boy pajamas

Finally remember that when using either mothballs or wooden camphor or desiccants, you should make sure that they are set on the top of storage container instead of placing on the garments directly, especially smocked clothing for baby.

Smocked clothing for children should be stored carefully as your kid could use it for a long time. Hope that you find my article useful and you will apply my tips successfully.

Thank you for reading!


Some mistakes when storing hand smocked clothing (Part 1)

Hand smocked clothing is “one of a kind” gift for children. When warm seasons have gone, some smocked yoke dresses or smocked shortalls should be packed. Many mothers still make mistakes although they followed basic steps. Today, I will share the most common mistakes in order for avoiding. Let’s discover!

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas



  • Do not wash


Anyway, washing children smocked clothing before storing should be done. Sometimes, you may forget to wash or the clothes may be only worn for couple hours. They are still like new without any smell of sweat. In summer, kids are so active and sweating a lot. From that, bacteria could reside and proliferate quickly.  It is said that mildew and mould will appear on neckline, armpits or wrists. After a period of time, there will be stubborn stain that you will find it difficult to remove. In addition, with all clothes clean, you could wear for children right away in the next year.

Lime green frog hand smocked onesie


Drying is second step of course. This step also helps remove all moistures and reduce the risk of developing fungi.


  • Keep in wrong place


The place you are storing could cause damage for clothes. It is ideal when baby smocked clothing should be stored in conditions that do not exceed 23°C with a relatively humidity of 55%. However, many people put the pack of garment next to kitchen or bathroom or even garage. This is not a good storage since it is damp, overheating, flammable and full of vermin. Therefore, you should have personal space which is clean, dry and safe. With this place, for example garret, you even store any heirloom or expensive sentiment smocked dresses.

pumpkin smocked bishop dress

In conclusion, wherever you store smocked clothes for children, you should make sure that you have washed them already and keep them away from insect and rodents. But this part is not enough for this topic. Please wait for next part to find more interesting tips!

Thank you for reading!


4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos (Part 2)

Family photo album is a place to store a lot of memories. Dressing up for children is one of preparing parts that make you confused a lot. Continuation of the previous part, I will suggest you 2 more types of exquisite hand smocked clothing for children. Let’s discover!

banner km site ve tinh

Bishop dress

For a traditional outfit, as many other Christmas smocked clothes, bishop dress I suggest for you also has red as main color. It is made of cotton corduroy fabric that is baby-friendly and warm material. In overall, smocked bishop dresses usually hardly have differences between styles. If have, they are only varied in sleeves, such as angel sleeves, short puff sleeves or long sleeves. But on the Xmas occasion, mother should choose the long sleeve ones. There are at least 3 buttons at back for dressing easily and smocked pattern embroidered around the neck. With this type, you could find a legging pant in order to keep your daughter’s legs warm.

Christmas tree and reindeer smocked bishop dress – DR 2016

Reindeer hand smocked dress for Christmas

Feature:  Smocked bishop dress for Christmas with cute Christmas tree and reindeer hand smocked pattern around the neck, short sleeve

Material: Red plain corduroy

Knit dress

Knit is a kind of cotton fabric material that a lot of mother and children love. It allows air circulation, has elasticity and non toxic material. From knit fabric, you could find that there are many smocked garments to choose, such as knit dress or smocked loungewear. Loungewear is worn to jogging around house or sleep. But for this topic, smocked knit dress is more preferred. With medium length of the dress, baby girl will move easily without feeling cumbersome. Moreover, being related to Christmas theme, smocked pattern is a gingerbread house and knit fabric is red and white stripe.

Xmas house smocked knit dress – KN44

Gingerbread knit dress

Feature: Knit smocked dress for baby girls, Xmas small house pattern, ruffles at foot of dresses

Material: Red stripe knit

Along with smocked longalls and bubble, 2 types of dress are the end of my topic about 4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos. Hope that you enjoy my blog.

Thank you for reading!


4 Christmas smocked clothing for family photos (Part 1)

It is time to look for Christmas outfit for children. Now, there is no shortage of exquisite Xmas children clothes in general and smocked clothing in particular in order for your memorable photos. How many kinds you could choose? Today, I will give you more than an answer.


Smocked outfits on Christmas occasion often have red being the main color that almost Christmas outfits employ. But in this year, if you want to create a little difference, you could choose for him a hand smocked longall in light blue with outstanding gingerbread smocked pattern. The fabric material here is named as blue gingham that derives from organic cotton resources. Smocked pattern is made meticulously and inserted on the bodice of garment. There is always buttons on the shoulders and snaps at crotch for easily dressing. With cold atmosphere in winter, mother also could wear a T-shirt inside for baby boy. It not only keeps him warm, but creates elegant appearance as well.

House and gingerbread smocked boy longalls for Christmas – BC 562

Gingerbread hand smocked longall

Feature:  Nice smocked longall for baby boys with house and gingerbread smocked pattern on the bodice, buttons on shoulder for easy dressing

Material: Blue gingham


If you want your kid to take part in the Xmas theme, red smocked bubble with Santa Claus and gift pattern is a suitable choice. It has various sizes from 3 months to 2 years old. For tiniest ones in the family, since this baby smocked clothing is made of 100% cotton and has smocked pattern embroidered around the neck, your baby will be comfortable and adorable. In addition, you will feel convenient with secure snaps at crotch; it is designed for you to change diaper easily.

Santa Claus and gifts smocked bubble DR 1406

Christmas long bubble for baby in red

Feature:   Smocked bubble for baby girls on Xmas day with Santa claus and gifts hand embroidered pattern around the neck, elastic long sleeves

Material:  Red plain

With 2 types of above hand smocked clothing, you could both dress up for family photos and dress down for play time. There are still 2 other types for baby girl I will share with you in next part. Please stay tune!

Thank you for reading!


How to get beautiful baby smocked onesies for girl? (Part 2)

In the previous part, I gave you 3 first tips to choose baby girl smocked onesies. Today as I promised, I will share other basic tips about pattern, style and well known brand mother could rely on. Let’s read!


To baby smocked onesies, smocked patterns are outstanding points. Being embroidered on smocked panel which is set on horizontal rectangle on the bodice, pattern could be geometry or picture of cartoon characters, etc. You could choose some funny smocked patterns like monkey is sailing banana boat for instance.

Red crab smocked onesie for baby

But overall, mother should check carefully if there is any redundant detail or that baby smocked clothing has unsecure smocked panel. It will be safer since your daughter may be obstreperous and swallow the threads by accident.

Should not choose the beauty over safety

Besides choosing exquisite smocked pattern, matching color, you should pay attention to safe factor. Complicated style may tighten up her body, too many decorations or large buttons may pose a choking hazard. And remember not to choose smocked clothing which has rhinestone or metal since they may cause some red marks or injuries on baby skin.

Lime green frog hand smocked onesie

Which prestigious brand for mother?

Established in 2007, Babeeni has experiences in producing hand smocked clothing for children, so far Babeeni has been trust partner of many distributors of baby clothing from US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

In Babeeni there are many designs of baby smocked clothing made in almost holiday themes of US. So up to now Babeeni is having over 3000 designs in total.

Moreover, Babeeni has a subsidiary which sales for retailers and start up stores. You even could buy as a retailer with wholesale price. And all products are ready to ship.

Along with part 1, now you already have basic things to purchase exquisite and safety smocked onesies for babies. In case, you want to see more designs, please visit: Hope that this article will be useful!

Thank you for reading!


How to get beautiful baby smocked onesies for girl? (Part 1)

Having a baby girl is one of the most wonderful things in the world. You could make her up with various beautiful smocked onesies. But how to choose for her the best appearance should be considered. Today, I will mention some tips to choose baby smocked onesies. Let’s discover!

flower hand smocked onesie

Fabric material

Firstly, you should pay attention to fabric materials. When going to store, you could directly touch smocked clothing whether it is smooth and soft. Then check the label to see what the fabric is. 100% cotton should be your priority since it is derived from natural source. Smocked garment made of cotton will be soft, nontoxic and airy against baby sensitive skin. At the same time, you may read the label instruction for proper washing.


Almost baby smocked onesies have fixed size from 3 months to 2 years. But each baby has its own body shape or measures of body. You should understand her body it means that you could get the weight and the height. Basing on these parameters, you could ask for advice or choose smocked clothing on your own.

giraffe smocked onesie for baby

In some cases, mother only use onesie for kid for one month and then the onesie is too tight to wear. Because baby in first period time (normally 6 month time) often grows as fast as wind, so you ought to choose one size larger. For example, if her current size is 3M, you could consider size 6M.


People usually say that blue for boys and pink for girls. But you do not need to apply that rule. Of course pink baby smocked clothing makes her look pretty; apart from pink color, you could choose other bright colors as long as they are suitable for your combination of baby clothes, such as: white, light blue or yellow, etc.

Light blue hand smocked onesie

Choosing fabric material, size and color is not enough for perfect smocked onesies. But in this part, I hope that you enjoy my sharing and wait for next part in order to reveal final tips!

Thank you for reading!


Little story about Mid Autumn festival in Vietnam

Some Halloween children clothing, candies, moon cakes, lanterns are features of Mid Autumn festival in Vietnam. Today, I will tell you some interesting things about this exciting festival!

Mid Autumn Festival is a special festival which is dedicated to children in some Asian countries in general and in Vietnam in particular. Mid Autumn is held on 15th in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. But right from the beginning of the month, preparation with bustling atmosphere begins.

On these days, children will be given gifts such as candies, cakes and star-shaped lanterns. With the most beautiful children clothing, they will pick up their beautiful lanterns to march around the streets in the towns. They will see either lion dances or musical concert performances. Almost children prefer watching the lion dances and follow them everywhere. Some children would bring a small torch made of an oil-soaked rag to burn. And others would bring clarinets and drums to make the festival more boisterous and fun.

Lion dance in Mid autumn

In fact, Mid Autumn derives from a legend about the Moon and a boy. On middle of the month, the moon is brightest and people often see a banyan tree and a boy sitting under that tree on the moon. The moon is called Sister Moon and the boy is called Cuoi.

This festival is also somehow similar to Halloween festival.  On the street, they sell some masks, some Halloween costumes for children in order for them to transform into princess, prince, ghost, animal… But the difference is in Vietnam, smocked clothing for children is not popular like in the US and Europe.


Additionally, this is an occasion when many people could express their love through cake presents with another. This is called moon cake which is a special kind of cake made only for the mid-autumn festival. There are many kinds of cakes such as soft cake and baked cake; inside the cake people could insert one or two salted egg yolks, variety nut cakes, lotus paste cake, etc with mashed green bean, red bean, taro…. The Mid-autumn cakes have sweet fragrance and taste delicious. Almost Vietnamese people love the Mid-autumn cakes and buy them for their families.

moon cake

The Mid Autumn festival has become a traditional festival in Vietnam. It is a part of the Vietnamese culture. Anyone growing up in Vietnam will never forget costumes just like Halloween clothing for children, special performances, flavors of moon cakes…which are contributed to festival’s atmosphere.

Thank you for reading!

Lacey for Babeeni- the wholesale supplier of hand smocked clothing in Vietnam.